CEO Greeting

Responsible for the beautiful skin of everyone around the world.

I am Yim, Sang Sook, the President of 3 Days Love.

After more than 25 years of pimpled skin in my youth, I had a lot of enlarged pores and inelastic skin.
When I applied cosmetics, my sensitive skin turned rose red.

I'm sure all women feel the same, but my earnest desire for beautiful skin led me to the production of safe and high-quality skin implants that can cause dramatic improvements in the skin.

Beautiful skin can be innate, but it can also be made as a result of effort.

With the mission of "I'm responsible for the beautiful skin of everyone in the world," we will continue to study and work hard to produce cosmetics and better products that anyone can apply with confidence.

Thank you all for loving 3 Days Love.
We love you.

THANK YOU We love our customers.