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Three days love


Researchers specializing in basic and functional products

The R&D department, consisting of experts in basic and functional cosmetics development, has been recognized by the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association (KOITA) as a corporate subsidiary research institute, and offers competitive products through development of special formulations along with customized R&D.

Development of specialized and efficient technology by segmentation of research parts by type
Development of new technologies and new materials through industry-academic cooperation and technical exchange with domestic specialized business partners
Development of high-quality product mass production technology considering safety and stability of products as top priority
Original and stable raw material development
Present high functionality products
Unique cosmetics

3 Days Love will help you lead the unique cosmetics market by introducing innovative 3 Days Love products; not the products in the existing cosmetics market, but by utilizing the new material, microneedles, that have been developed over many years.

Optimized quality management system
Microbiological experiments
Step-by-step quality inspection

With our state-of-the-art quality inspection equipment, we are able to conduct cosmetic component analysis and toxic substance tests ourselves
Quality assurance through step-by-step quality inspection from raw material inspection to shipment product inspection