Skin Implants and Main Ingredients

Major Core Raw Materials

Bio Micro Needle

When the bio micro needles of Spongilla lacustris, which live in clean seas, are purified and applied, the bio micro needles stimulate the skin to help skin regeneration, exfoliation and sebum control. This is a new concept raw material that improves whitening, wrinkle improvement and trouble quickly.

It has been commercialized as a beauty product in Germany and is now attracting attention as a special material for skin cosmetics all over the world.

The center of the bio micro needle is a porous hole with a size of 10 to 40 nm, and these porous holes provide a path for the effective nano-component, effective materials, and oxygen.
Problematic skin
Skin implants penetration and action
Aging cells elimination
Improved skin
The natural bio micro needles penetrate the entire face and massage it to facilitate blood circulation and oxygen delivery within the cells.
It activates the cell division of the base cell layer in the deepest part of the facial skin, and the effective ingredients are delivered deep into the skin through the central porous hole of the bio micro needles, which are between 100 and 250µm in length,
making the skin clear, transparent, lively, and youthful by cell regeneration, rearrangement


Proteins that help regenerate skin cells are a major component and help prevent and improve fine wrinkles caused by aging. It gives skin elasticity by making the face volumetric and tight, and it is also effective in promoting hair growth and in preventing scalp aging, and it is widely known as Botox.

Hyaluronic acid

It combines moisture around the skin with natural moisturizing ingredients to form moisturizing membranes and keeps the skin alive at all times and protects against the causes of skin troubles such as ultraviolet rays and bacterials to prevent deterioration of skin immunity and to revive elasticity and moisturization.

Centella asiatica extract

Anti-bacterial, anti-dry, wound healing efficacy, skin regenerative effect. Madecassic acid, which is found in the leaves and stalks of the Centella asiatica, is highly effective in healing wounds. It suppresses the inflammation of the skin pores and helps to calm the skin stimulated by ultraviolet rays and also it is used in a variety of ointments, medicines and cosmetics.

Epithelial cell growth factor

EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor) is a protein that helps the wound heal naturally without scarring and is used mainly for regenerative cream and scar cream. Replacing the skin with EGF will quickly create new cells, which will enhance skin elasticity and cause wrinkles to break.

Plant stem cells

By wrapping the growth factor of the stem cells in the skin with a thin membrane, the growth factor in the stem cell culture can stimulate the outermost epidermis cells of the skin, and the epidermis cells can stimulate the cells beneath them to restore their function and create new cells, so that the skin cells can become healthy and skin elasticity can be enhanced, and anti-aging effect that cleanses the complexion can be seen.