SINCE 2013

A 3-day miracle, we'll turn back your age by ten years.

  • Designated as a promising export company by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business
  • Acquired International Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015)
  • Launched Return 10 Recovery Balm Compact type
  • Launched YUMEI brand in Guangdong, China
  • Participated in Shanghai Beauty Expo Gangnam Pavilion
  • Registered IMPLAHEAL trademark
  • Acquired International Quality Management System (ISO22716: 2007)
  • Launched IMPLAHEAL PO Cream
  • Participated in Beauty Cosmo Beauty in Vietnam
  • Registered Patent No. 10-1984260 "Pain Cream (IMPLAHEAL)"
    : Composition for relieving joint or muscle pain including hydrolyzed sponges
  • Registered TONG CARE trademark
  • Registered WHIMELA with CFDA China
  • Introduced new 3 Days Love EGF-FGF ampoule
  • Selected as an overseas branching project (Shanghai area) by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
  • 3 Days Love selected as an excellent company for creative future management
  • US FDA approval of Recovery Balm and 3 other items
  • Acquired certificate of venture SMO
  • Participated in Korean Pavilion of Hong Kong Beauty Expo 2018
  • TONG CARE Cream PCT worldwide patent application. Patent application: 10-2018-0136812
  • Patent No. 10-1285831 "Solid-Filler (Solid Skin (Implant))" Patent registration
  • Developed the world's first pain care implant solution
  • Participated in Shanghai Beauty Expo Korea Gangnam Pavilion
  • Participated in Bangkok Beauty Show Korean Pavilion
  • Developed TONG CARE Cream combined with the world's first micro needles
  • Awarded the Grand Prize in Future Creation Management in 2018.
  • 3 Days Love awarded Brand Power Grand Prize
  • Developed Whimela White functional implant
  • Participated Cosmo Beauty Vietnam Beauty Expo (Korean Pavilion)
  • Launched 5 kinds of Dr.KP, brand for hospital
  • Registered MISS BLING trademark
  • Participated in KINTEX K-BEAUTY EXPO 2017
  • Participated in Cosmoprof Hong Kong in 2017
  • Contracted and exported Whimela to Vietnam by Dapara Tech
  • Released 5 kinds of Miss Bling, call sale brand
  • Participated in the Korea Pavilion at the Shanghai Beauty Expo, China
  • Selected as an export voucher company
  • Participated in Taiwan K-BEAUTY Beauty Expo Korea Pavilion
  • Participated in 2017 Hong Kong Mega Show Korea Gangnam Pavillion
  • Launched New product Edelweiss Snow Massage Cream
  • RETURN10 Implants, two kinds of Recovery Balm
    Acquired Chinese Sanitation Approval CFDA
  • Established 3 Days Love R&D department
  • Awarded "Premium Brand Grand Prize" by female consumers
  • Patent Office "TIME72" and "SCAIL IMPLANT" trademark registration
  • Participated in KINTEX K-BEAUTY EXPO 2016
  • Signed contract with Global Conn Co., Ltd. (4 mask packs and other products)
  • 3 Days Love RE:Balm Winner of 2016 Hit Product of the Year [Money Today]
  • Established 3 Days Love Seongnam manufacturing factory
  • Acquired International Quality Management System (ISO9001), International Environmental Management System (ISO14001)
  • Participated in Guangzhou Autumn Beauty Fair
  • Awarded 1st prize for skin implant product satisfaction in Korea
  • Launched 3 types of mask packs Sewang 7 Co., Ltd.
  • Four types of Forsythia and Conella brands each application for sanitization approval (CFDA)
  • Registered "ThreeDaysLove" trademark
  • Developed new scalp implants
  • Developed new White Skin Implants
  • Applied for hygiene license of peptide mist to CFDA
  • Selected as China Guangdong Provincial Beauty Association's Top Ten Brands
  • Increased corporate capital by 15,000 shares (150 million won)
  • Developed 4 types of skins for expert use
  • 3 Days Love New Product Launching Show at Ramada Renaissance Hotel
  • XuanXuan Ltd. “Forsythia” Brand Export Contract and Delivery
  • Registered trademark of RE:Balm
  • Developed new product, Dermarray Pearl Solution SET
  • Released new product Peel Cream (A, B) set
  • Supplied "Ihu" skin implant cream to 21st Century 4U
  • Acquired Chinese Hygienic Approval (CFDA) on 3 Days Love Peptide Effector
  • B-BASE RETURN 10 Brand export agreement and delivery in Hong Kong
  • Heavy Metal Absorption Pack (Bulk), Export Contracts and Delivery Progress in Guangzhou, China
  • Released New product peptide 330 ppm mist
  • Acquired Chinese Hygienic Approval (CFDA) on 3 Days Love STEP 3 Recovery Balm
  • Acquired Chinese Hygienic Approval (CFDA) on 3 Days Love Implant Solution 1 type
  • Registered "3일愛(meaning 3 Days Love)" trademark
  • Development of first cream-type implant solution for different skin types in Korea
  • Established 3 Days Love Ltd. Corporation