Corporate Vision

“It‘s different when made by 3 Days Love”

3 Days Love is a skin implants company that specializes in skin implants based on our best researchers and long-standing know-how.

With various types of skin implant products, we have developed a solid filler (Patent No. 10-1285831), a medical skin implant that will solve the problem of deep wrinkles of women, and the pain and detox care implant solution for making a healthy body (Patent No. 18-136812). With these, we will grow to become a cosmeceutical company that leads in not only smooth skin, which is the wish of all women, but also fundamental beauty and healthy beauty.

Quality First

We will reward our customers with the best quality.

Win-win Management

We will grow to be responsible for the beauty of our customers.

Global Corporation

We will continue to devote ourselves to the Korean beauty all over the world.

We convey the beauty of Korea.

With its own skin implant technology, 3DaysLove is expanding all over the world beyond Korea
based on local corporations such as China and Vietnam.