External Activities

Obtained “ Grand prix for Premium brand 2016” by woman consumers (2016)
2016.06.09 ThreeDaysLove
Academy of Shenzhen beauty shop chief in China
2016.05.23 ThreeDaysLove
SHENZHEN HANMEISHANG COSMETICS CO.,LTD’s visiting to threedayslove
2016.05.22 ThreeDaysLove
Threedayslove’s Seminar at Mayanmar
2016.05.19 ThreeDaysLove
Launched Skin escort mask pack in Shanghai beauty expo 2016
2016.05.18 ThreeDaysLove
China Simyang beauty shop chiefs’ Seminar at Headoffice and visiting to factory
2016.04.26 ThreeDaysLove
China Shenzhen (Guangzhou province) beauty shop chief’s Seminar at Headoffice and visiting to factory
2016.04.20 ThreeDaysLove
Threedayslove’s Workshop in Chang won center
2016.04.15 ThreeDaysLove
China beauty shop chief’s visiting to Headoffice in Korea
2016.03.29 ThreeDaysLove